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Soft-launch of StreetCars

Acquiring users for the launch
of a new 
racing game

Acquiring users for the launch of a new racing game


Donkraft Digital, a game developer from Denmark, was looking to soft-launch its newest game, StreetCars – which has been dubbed “the Pokemon Go of street racing.” The game combines AR technology with casual mobile gameplay. The player is required to scan the license plates of real cars, which then appear in the game and can be raced against other players. Donkraft wanted to run a technical test and see if the game is viable and gather marketing data – all with a limited budget.


Since the game has already been featured in the Danish media and there have been a few PR initiatives that translated in a good number of installs, we have been able to already analyze and draw some conclusions from the existing sample of users. Therefore, we have only targeted one platform and went straight for a specific target group, to keep costs down.


We have used rewarded video ads to target users through some of the most popular UA channels, while using an attribution service to understand the quality of the users we acquired, optimizing towards previously agreed goals.



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